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02055 Міське відділення поштового зв’язку Київ 55

sam 11 sep 2021 - 11:04
02055 Міське відділення поштового зв’язку Київ 55 вул. Ахматової Анни, 31.

Ахматової Анни вул.
13, 13а, 13б, 13в, 13г, 13-г/1, 13д, 13е, 13/1, 14а, 14б, 14б/1, 14б/2, 14в, 15, 15а, 15/1, 16а, 16а/1, 16а/2, 16а/3, 16а/5, 16а/7, 16б, 16б/1, 16б/2, 16б/3, 16в, 16г, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 23а, 23/1, 24, 25, 28, 30, 31, 31/1, 31/2, 31/3, 31/4, 32/18, 33, 34, 35, 35а, 35б, 37, 37/16

Батуринська вул.
3, 5, 12, 12/1, 12/2

Дніпровська вул.
1, 2а, 3, 3а, 3б, 3б/1, 4, 4а, 12

Драгоманова вул.
10в, 18, 20, 20а, 20/1, 20/2, 20/3, 22, 22а, 38, 38а, 40, 40а, 40б, 40в, 40г, 40д, 40е, 40е/1, 40ж, 40з, 42, 42а, 42б, 42/1, 42/2, 44а, 44в

Зовнішня вул.
1, 1а

Княжий Затон вул.
2, 2а, 2б, 2/30, 4, 4а, 4/4

Тальнівська вул.

Батуринський пров.

Григоренка Петра просп.
3а, 3а/1, 3а/2, 3а/3, 3а/5, 3б, 3в, 3в/1, 5, 5а, 5а/5, 7а, 7б, 7в, 9, 9/1, 11а, 12, 12а, 13, 13б, 13/1, 14, 14/1, 14/2, 14/3, 15, 15/1, 15/2, 15/27, 15/3, 15/4, 16, 18, 18а, 18г, 18д, 18/1, 19, 19а, 19б, 19/1, 20, 20а, 20б, 20/1, 21, 21а, 21б, 21в, 21-в/1, 22, 22/20, 22/20а, 23, 23а, 24, 24в, 25, 25а, 25б, 25в, 25г, 26, 26а, 27, 27б, 28, 28а, 28б, 28в, 29, 31, 31а, 31б, 31/1, 33/44

Who am i ?.

sam 11 sep 2021 - 7:11

I am a danish guy, age 71 and living i Clemenules 17/1 0891 Orihuela Costa. Me and my wife, slso danish, are in our house 3-6 month pr. year. My time are going with a lot of biking, MTB and race.

What HOT’s Board Needs: A Top 5 List

ven 10 sep 2021 - 23:30

HOT members - welcome to the 2021 election cycle! If you’ve been considering running for a board seat, or simply my informal take on things, read on!

This year, we have several unique factors at play:

  • HOT has just entered (as of July) its second year of implementation of Audacious Project implementation, working toward a goal of engaging 1 million contributors to map an area home to 1 billion people across 94 countries.
  • The organization has gone through a period of rapid change in the past 12 months, opening two regional hubs, adding roughly 45 staff members, doubling our annual budget, and putting the organizational foundations in place to dramatically scale up community support. We’ll continue to scale from 2021-22.
  • The environment around us has also changed dramatically, opening up new possibilities with recent technical advances and forcing us to re-think ways of working under Covid-related movement restrictions.
  • Lots more has been happening: see our Annual Report (I’ll write more on where we stand and where we’re heading next month).
  • Amidst all of this, five of seven board seats are up for grabs.

I’ve been reflecting on this. As someone who works to serve and expand the open mapping / OpenStreetMap movement every day, what would position HOT in the best way to support the movement? Given the changes and uncertainty, what specific skills would add the most value? What specifically do we need coming out of this year’s Board of Directors election cycle?

I’ve come up with a rough grouping of skills and experiences that have the potential to add significant value as part of HOT’s Board of Directors. HOT has an incredible diversity of lived experiences in our membership, though, so if you don’t see your particular experience here, it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t benefit HOT.

In no particular order, here’s my top five archetypes:

The serial entrepreneur or tech trend-setter

This year, through user-centered design, we’ll be making major decisions on tools that get more data into OSM (for example, mobile) and making tools that make data more useful and impactful coming out of OSM. So - what’s happening outside the OpenStreetMap world that we can learn from? Have you launched or scaled a successful or failed tech startup? Worked in one? Are you leading open source software projects? Geospatial projects? Digital transformation and digital strategy? Have you grown and scaled teams or projects in a serious way? HOT needs you!

The regional tour guide

By early 2022, we’ll have regional operations in four regions. Everything we do will revolve around partnering with OSM communities, tech startups, governments, and NGOs in each region. This is where lived experience and working with a variety of people in data-related roles really counts - if you find yourself frequently talking with donors, government officials and NGOs in multiple countries in your region, HOT could deeply benefit from your ideas, knowledge about ways of working, insight into decision makers and key players, and relationships!

The legal beagle

As HOT grows, there are many interesting legal questions to consider from intellectual property to employment law to humanitarian law issues to data ethics and privacy. IN particular, this year will see the rollout of a new responsible data function. Even if you’re not an attorney, if you’ve worked for one, served as a paralegal, or done research on any of these issues, your expertise is incredibly valuable.

The financier (not the cake)

Funding is great, but what we really could use here is your expertise and advice. Our fantastic Finance Committee chair Rob Baker is wrapping up his term. If you’ve managed large departmental or organizational budgets, HOT needs you! If you manage investments personally or professionally and can help us make decisions on how best to invest donations, HOT needs you! If you’ve worked on an audit for another NGO, that’s certainly useful. If you’re a chartered accountant or certified financial planner or investment manager, that’s great, and I’d also encourage you to consider what skills or experience you have even outside your day job that might be relevant.

The humanitarian disruptor

Some have reckoned Covid is the great disruptor of traditional humanitarian structures. Certainly, it has brought into clear focus the need for the open mapping movement: decentralized, not reliant on cross-border deployments, locally-led, accountability to affected populations. If you are working on these topics in the humanitarian space, what can HOT share, and what can HOT learn? What partnership opportunities do you see? How should this impact technology design? HOT could benefit from your advice.

Board members sometimes think of their commitment in terms of “time, talent, or treasure” (treasure referring to financial contributions to their organization). HOT is in an extraordinarily fortunate position. We have been entrusted with investments from multiple, forward-thinking donors to support and spread the open mapping movement. We now need the talent, the ideas, the partnerships, the vision and yes, a little bit of time to make it all happen. I expect our Board to continue evolving so a board seat commitment will mean minimizing time spent on administrative matters, since we now have increased staff support, and opening up space to think big, boldly, and strategically together.

Wrapping up, two final thoughts. First, what we need above anything else is your passion for HOT’s mission and dedication to making our vision a reality. Everything else is a plus. Second, as Executive Director, I see my relationship with the Board as one of equals, one of partners, in which we both bring different but complementary abilities to the table. Technically, the ED reports to the Board of Directors, but in reality, we each do very different things. We listen a lot to each other, coach each other, serve as thought partners, sometimes disagree, but always have the best interests of HOT in mind.

I am truly looking forward to working with all five board members with new terms in addition to Felix and Trudy as they continue in their terms. Please comment or get in touch if you’d like to talk more anytime.


Ipswich Park Byelaw change consultation

ven 10 sep 2021 - 22:04

Ipswich Borough Council are consulting on the current by-law changes to bring them up to date having not been changed for a few decades. They have a short consultation with 3 questions, here’s my answers to the questions.

1. Do you agree with the proposed new byelaws?

My answer: No

2. Are there any additional byelaws you would like to see included?

Please note that the MHCLG will not accept new byelaws without clear evidence to indicate an activity has been occurring over time and that it has a detrimental impact on the park and its users.

My answer: Cycling to be allowed in parks. There really needs to be a lot more safe space for people to learn to cycle. Parks would be ideal for this. There should be some way to allow more considerate cycling in parks rather than the current blanket ban, with a few exceptions.

3. Is there anything else you would like us to consider?

My answer: There should be playgrounds that are specifically designed for kids to use wheeled toys to learn how to travel and ride bikes. They could be used for Bikeability training. These exist in other places, so why not here in Ipswich too?

All of the playgrounds in Ipswich have “No wheels” or similar as the rules by the gate.

Playground sign including rules, one of which is “No Wheels”.

I would recommend responding in a similar way, best not to copy and paste, as lots of answers the same tend to be ignored. The consultation closes 11:59pm on Monday 13 September 2021.

Конкурс картографирования OpenStreetMap

ven 10 sep 2021 - 20:39

🗺 Конкурс картографирования OpenStreetMap в 163 российских городах с >100К жителей.

Сайт конкурса
Инструкция для участников конкурса
Проходит с 10 по 30 сентября 2021 года

Призы победителям:
* Денежное вознаграждение. Первые три победителя получат по десять, пять и три тысячи рублей
* Книги и наклейки
* Один из участников получит книгу от «Городских проектов», а другим достанется урбанистическая литература и стикер-паки
*Приз и открытки за участие от спонсоров. Спонсоры вручат специальный подарок, а каждый участник, выполнивший минимальный объем задач, получит памятную открытку

Необходимые атрибуты
1. Число полос
2. Скоростной режим (включая указание скорости по умолчанию)
3. Пешеходные переходы (регулируемые/неругулируемые)
4. Островки
5. Искусственные неровности («лежачие полицейские»)
7. Освещение
6. Остановки ОТ
8. Барьерные ограждения
9. Маршруты транспорта

Обсудить в телеграмм группе участников или на форуме ОСМ

my company

ven 10 sep 2021 - 18:09

Using OSM data with qgis

ven 10 sep 2021 - 9:35

MY company has just released quickosm 2.0 a simple qgis plugin that will let you query overpass and import osm data into your qgis projets.

Исправляем Угледар

jeu 9 sep 2021 - 18:33

Прогуливаясь по Угледару, с запущенным приложением StreetComplete, заметил что маркер местоположения находится не на дороге, по которой иду, а паралельно, на полигоне здания, выше. Тогда я грешил на точность GPS в условиях городской застройки, что конечно тоже верно, но проблема оказалась глубже.

Почти все объекты в Угледаре нарисованы поверх аэроснимков Bing без их смещения к GPS координатам. Погрешность небольшая, 3.3-3.6 метра, но в купе с погрешностью телефона/навигатора в 3.2-4.8 м получаем в лучшем случае 6.5 м. Учитывая плотность застройки города (ширина подъездных дорог, которых большинство, 4.2 м) — ситуация плачевная.


Среди загруженных GPX треков мало тех которые непосредственно проходят через город, да и на их точность рассчитывать не приходится. Потому я решил сделать свои, для чего требуется:

  1. Объект(ы), которые отдалены от высоких зданий и границы которых отчетливо видно на спутниковых снимках
  2. Телефон, в качестве GPS трекера

В качестве объектов выбрал старую танцплощадку на северо-востоке Угледара, и спортивные поля школы №3 на северо-западе. Как GPS-трекер выступил OsmAnd, в настройках которого указано писать точки как можно чаще и не писать те, у которых точность менее 5 метров.

Сев на велосипед покатил к первой точке. Танцплощадка представляет собой круг, по которому я медленно прошел, но к сожалению на GPX треке круга не получилось. Тем не менее, подогнав подложку под имеющее получил удовлетворительный результат, но сразу редактировать весь город не рискнул.

Дождавшись удобного случая поехал к спортивным площадкам. Вход на них оказался под замком. Сориентировавшись на местности решил пройтись с трекером по почти квадратной площади перед школой.

С этими данными, которые к тому же подтвердили предыдущее, получил следующие сдвиги (Imagery Offset):

  • 0.66,4.87 Bing aerial imagery
  • -3.18,4.4 Mapbox Satellite
  • -2.4,4.2 Maxar Premium Imagery

Результаты залил в Imagery Offset Database под именем Vugledar-Pavlivka (IMAGERY_NAME) для пользователей JOSM с плагином imagery_offset_db.

Начало работ

Долго не осмеливался брать на себя такой долг, но рисуя дороги/тротуары/здания по скорректированной подложке неизбежно начинаешь сталкиваться с конфликтами. Потому, разбив Угледар на части, начал править спускаясь от правого-верхнего края города до левого нижнего.

На момент написания этой заметки было исправлено:

  1. Кладбище и прилегающие территории
  2. Все гаражные кооперативы и территории с которыми они соседствуют
  3. Микрорайон Молодежка
  4. Центральная городская больница
  5. Микрорайон выше бульвара Шахтеров и сам бульвар
  6. Все значимые дороги (выше highway=service)

Дальнейшие работы ведутся.

راه پیاده، پیاده‌رو، پیاده‌راه!

jeu 9 sep 2021 - 12:56

این سه راه با هم فرق دارند. برخی کاربران برای هر راه پیاده‌ای گزینهٔ پیاده‌رو را انتخاب می‌کنند اما این گزینه دقیقاً اشاره به پیاده‌رو خیابان دارد و استفاده از پیاده‌رو مثلاً برای راه‌های داخل پارک اشتباه است. مثل اینجا:

بیشتر دیده‌ام ویرایش‌هایی که با iD انجام می‌شود این مسئله را دارند. بعد از اینکه راهی را در محیط ویرایشگر انتخاب می‌کنیم و سپس در قسمت «جستجوی عارضه‌ها» واژهٔ «پیاده» را جستجو می‌کنیم این سه گزینه به ما پیشنهاد می‌شود:

  • «راه پیاده» که معادل highway=footway است؛
  • «پیاده‌رو» که معادل ترکیب highway=footway و footway=sidewalk است؛
  • «پیاده‌راه» که معادل highway=pedestrian است.

به نظرم رسید ترجمهٔ «پیاده‌رو» را به «پیاده‌رو خیابان» تغییر بدهم. امیدوارم این تغییر در آینده به انتخاب برچسب صحیح‌تر کمک کند!

Misuse of sac_scale in the Alps

mer 8 sep 2021 - 23:02

I was intrigued by the photo on the wiki illustrating the hardest level of the Swiss Alpine Club scale for mountain hiking (known as SAC Scale on OSM and tagged with sac_scale). I couldn’t identify the location and wondered by looking for ways with the tag I could do better.

A quick overpass query revealed widespread misuse of the sac_scale tag for true alpine climbing routes which the Swiss Alpine Club grades using a completely different scale.

A few of the more egregious examples:

  • Geant-Rochfort Arete. A classic high-level snow ridge encompassing a couple of 4000ers. Tagged with highway=path and sac_scale:

Description of route on Hikr.

  • Biancograt of Piz Bernina: apparently trail visibility is horrible, which is a bit of a surprise, because the ridge is rather narrow.

, via Wikimedia Commons" href="" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">

  • Normal route for Piz Palu. At least this is what it looks like to me, although it is labelled “Piz Spinas - Cresta SW” and when I’ve been at Diavolezza the route through the ice falls has been somewhat different. Although this route is immensely popular most of it is over a very steep glacier with two major ice falls. The existence of significant objective dangers was used in the 1929 movie Die weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü starring Leni Riefenstahl.

, via Wikimedia Commons" href="" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">

The normal route from Diavolezza contours above the crevasse field in the foreground and then passes through the lower ice fall quite close to the rock wall on the left before ascending to the minor col to left of the E summit.

There are numerous other normal ascent routes for significant peaks in the Pennine Alps. It is obvious that the tag has been used as follows:

  • normal ascent routes which will be heavily used in the alpine climbing season. In good weather the route taken by climbing parties will be clear, but once fresh snow falls earlier traces are often effaced. On rock it is still possible to lose the line of a frequently climbed route.
  • as a proxy for accurate Alpine Climbing grades (F/PD/AD/D/TD/ED or L/WS/ZS/S/SS/AS etc)
  • often with a highway=path tag (although this was deleted in the case of the Matterhorn)
  • sometimes with surface or trail_visibility tags to perhaps indicate these are not actually paths.

As normal hikers are extremely unlikely to undertake a difficult_alpine_hiking tour (T6 grade), the immediate impact on OSM users is probably not anything to worry about. In the past I followed a few T5 routes, and they were slightly above my comfort level, so I would never have undertaken a correctly graded T6 on my own. However the difference between T6 and all these routes is much greater than that between T5 and T6. They require much more equipment and very different techniques: safe glacier travel, crevasse rescue, climbing at UIAA III, etc).

Elsewhere in the world there have been problems with people assuming a path on OSM represents something within their capabilities. We have a responsibility to ensure the data within OSM does not exacerbate such issues.


mer 8 sep 2021 - 4:48
已完成道路 東西向
  • 太平街
  • 忠孝路
  • 仁愛街
  • 光明路
  • 正新南路
  • 公園路
  • 健康路
  • 竹林路
  • 民族街
  • 中正路
  • 建國街


mar 7 sep 2021 - 19:22


I’m in Ankara Turkey

mar 7 sep 2021 - 14:45

Walking around and adding new objects to OSM helps to get to know the area a lot.

At the moment, I’m adding only street names and house numbers. Adding roads or deleting some, because my area is relatively new and things change here fast.


mar 7 sep 2021 - 9:12

临港大发展 洪庙大振兴

What I did in OpenStreetMap in August 2021

lun 6 sep 2021 - 20:20
What I did in OpenStreetMap in August 2021
  • Mapping
  • Hacking
  • Communication WG
    • Posted an envelope to Iran & USA
  • OSMF Board
    • Active Contributor Programme, 2021/Res27, 2021/Res28
    • OSMF supporting Mastodon
      • I’ve been running & paying for Mastodon server for 2+ years (see my diary entry from July 2018). I thought it’s time for the OSMF to support this
      • The FOSS Policy Special Committee recommended to the Board that the OSMF endorse this service.
      • I initially proposed (2021/Res25) that the OSMF refund me for the €415 I had paid over the last few years.
      • I want to see a world where people in OSM start ideas like this, start trying to things which help OSM, even if it costs the person money. Maybe some of those ideas work, maybe they don’t. I think if an idea, like the mastodon server works, then it should be (financially) supported by the OSMF. If someone spends money on something that doesn’t work, that flops, then the OSMF shouldn’t pay for that at all.
      • I am able to afford the money I spent on this. But some people would not be able to afford it. That means that certain experimentation in OSM is not possble for some people. I don’t like that. I think if you take a gamble (with your money) to improve OSM and it’s not a failure, then it’s fair for OSMF to “pay you back” for what you paid.
      • However I didn’t discuss this idea with the rest of the OSMF before starting the poll (I had obviously discussed the idea of OSMF funding it). And my idea did catch some people off guard, so they voted it down, and some board members wanted to see what the CWG thought.
      • I organised a ran a poll of the CWG on this, and they unanimously agreed to recommend the Board fund this (4 yes votes, 2 CoI based abstainations (incl. me)).
      • I started a new board resolution (2021/Res29), which passed
      • Sign up here
      • Follow me on Mastodon/Fediverse:
      • To set it up, I emailed to change to yearly (from montly) billing.
    • Advisory Board
      • The board met with the AB on 10th August 2021
        • Unfortunately, despite asking the AB, they didn’t add any agenda items before the meeting
        • Update on hiring our SSRE & iD employees
        • Asked people to apply to join the EWG & to fresh out the OSMF Strategy Plan.
        • We talked about whether the OSMF should publish archives of the AB list
        • Mentioned the AGM in Dec 2021
        • Update on the OSMF “diversity” work
        • We recommended why one should run for the OSMF Board
        • There were about a dozen people there, nearly all Local Chapter representatives
      • Emailed the AB list & osmf-talk@ to remind people
      • Afterward, set up a poll for the next meeting in November
    • HOT Trademark grant
      • This is taking a while, I raised this at the mid month chat
      • As courtsey, I emailed the HOT board to tell them we haven’t forgotten that.
    • Attribution Guidelines
      • The Board asked the LWG to help guide big data consumers move into compliance with that, and I emailed them check up.
    • EU Transparency Portal
      • I got forwarded an email that we need to update our entry. Then it’s all about finding the right people to talk to (I can’t log in)
    • 🏳️‍🌈

2021: Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July

2020: Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

[REQUEST] - Beginner Participation in AI Assisted Mapping Study

lun 6 sep 2021 - 12:04

tldr; hot_tech is running the second round of an ai-assisted mapping study
Call to action: please sign up to participate or share with your networks
time: read: 5m | sign-up: 5m
best before: Sept 17th, 2021

Hi all!

As some of you may remember, earlier this year HOT undertook an experiment to compare tradiational mapping with AI-Assisted mapping. After the first round of results have been gathered (soon to be released), hot_tech will be undertaking round two (Sept 17th, 2021) and we are looking for beginner mappers (<50 changesets) to join the study.

The experiment is designed to compare the results of traditional remote mapping workflows (editing in ID Editor) with emerging AI assisted workflows (editing with RapID). To do this, we will be conducting mapping experiments of two locations (Uganda and US), with beginner mappers (<50 changesets) using the two different remote mapping workflows (RapID and ID).

On Sept 17th, 2021, we will run one mapathon of 90 minutes, with participants being randomly assigned - prior to beginning mapping - to map building footprints with either ID or RapID. Data will be gathered on the existence of map features in two locations (US and Uganda) from which we will compare the completeness of mapped features and similarity of map features when compared with an OSM reference dataset.

For the mapathons we will be using convenience sampling from our networks by generating a public call for participants.

A couple of specific asks, please email if:
_ You would like to be involved in any capacity (organising, recruiting, sharing, supporting, please shoot me an email)
_ You would like to support the mapathons specifically, that would be great
_ You would like to participate in the mapathons please please sign up to participate HERE »

Thanks all, I hope everyone is safe and well and looking forward to exploring this with you all soon.



Announcing support for site-relations in OpenCampingMap

dim 5 sep 2021 - 16:18

In most cases it is sufficient to map a camp-site as a closed way or multipolygon.

However, there are exeptions and this is what this feature is for.

On backcountry campsites there is often no well defined boundary. Thus it may be appropriate to map them as a node only.

This is where an additional site-relation comes in handy.

Such a facility may have two clearly related nodes tagged amenity=toilets and leisure=firepit which might even have an access=customers tag in addition to the tourism=camp_site node itself.

To explicitely map the fact that these 3 nodes are part of a single campsite a
relation tagged tourism=camp_site and type=site should be added containing all
three nodes.

Here is an example of such an object:

And this is how it looks like on

Another example would be a case where amenities like toilets or showers are used by multiple facilities like a camp-site and a sport-center and are thus not located inside the closed way or multipolygon of the camp-site itself.

In this case again a relation tagged tourism=camp_site and type=site should be added which does contain the actual camp-site object as well as the related amenities.

Sometimes even the information desk is located outside the campsite polygon. No problem for the site-relation approach.

This said. Please do not use a site relation if all facilities are located inside the closed way or multipolygon tagged tourism=camp_site. In fact this is shown as a bug in

Another bug would be to add more than one object tagged tourism=camp_site to such a relation. Likely the correct mapping in this case would be a multipolygon containing two areas which might then optionally be part of a site-relation.

Happy campsite tagging!

My house

dim 5 sep 2021 - 14:36

Street I live on.

To name or not to name ...

dim 5 sep 2021 - 13:29
As a rule of thumb, the primary name would be the most obvious name of the feature, the one that end users expect data consumers to expose in a label or other interface element.

From the OSM wiki Key:name

I’m currently tidying up a couple of loose ends in preparation for the release of version 16 of Vespucci. One of those dangling bits was supporting the new format of the name-suggestion-index (NSI).

The NSI was conceived back in 2013 by Aaron Lidman as a list of canonical name spellings for chains of stores, restaurants and other similar facilities, most notably for use in iD. Vespucci has supported use of the NSI nearly since day one, see a diary post from 2014 (this works quite differently in current Vespucci versions). Since then it has morphed to a, supposedly, authoritative source of tagging for a very wide range of objects. Some would say that the current version has expanded its reach far beyond what is actually useful (flagpoles ffs), but that is not the topic of this post.

Prior to the release of iD 2.20 the NSI had been in a long period of stasis with updates being made to the data, but these were not actually being deployed and given the larger format changes I had all but forgotten about it and the data in Vespucci was really old. However over the last couple of months some colleagues pointed out some weird behavior in Vespucci and iD when using NSI generated presets for tagging. In particular name tags are being added to things like excrement bag dispensers and automated postal package depots.

Now which objects to add a name tag too has a slightly controversial history in OSM, and this predates the NSI. Particularly when tagging facilities (shops, restaurants etc) belonging to chains it can be argued that they shouldn’t have individual names and the brand tag should suffice. On the other hand I don’t think larger parts of the community are actually uncomfortable with adding a name tag to a McDonald’s and I would speculate that this is what in common usage would be considered its name.

However I believe there are numerous things that are commonly not named and that should generally not have name tags automatically added, particularly when they are the same as the brand. Examples would be ATMs, vending machines and similar small mechanical facilities. To determine the scope of the issue I ran a quick analysis on the current NSI contents and this is what came out:

Tag Entries         Entries with
name Entries with
name=brand         amenity=animal_boarding 2 2 2 amenity=animal_shelter 2 2 1 amenity=atm 905 896 883 amenity=bank 899 891 878 amenity=bar 4 4 3 amenity=bicycle_parking 2 2 1 amenity=bicycle_rental 316 65 65 amenity=bureau_de_change 10 10 10 amenity=cafe 195 195 189 amenity=car_rental 17 17 17 amenity=car_sharing 67 0 0 amenity=car_wash 21 21 18 amenity=casino 3 3 3 amenity=charging_station 338 26 25 amenity=childcare 10 10 9 amenity=cinema 66 66 63 amenity=clinic 110 17 0 amenity=college 2 2 2 amenity=dentist 16 16 15 amenity=doctors 4 4 3 amenity=drinking_water 86 1 0 amenity=fast_food 470 468 458 amenity=ferry_terminal 34 1 0 amenity=fire_station 298 0 0 amenity=fuel 453 453 441 amenity=gambling 1 1 1 amenity=hospital 174 8 0 amenity=ice_cream 43 43 42 amenity=internet_cafe 8 8 8 amenity=karaoke_box 7 7 7 amenity=kindergarten 14 14 14 amenity=language_school 15 15 15 amenity=money_transfer 7 7 7 amenity=motorcycle_rental 1 1 1 amenity=music_school 1 1 1 amenity=parking 43 20 18 amenity=payment_centre 4 4 4 amenity=payment_terminal 8 8 7 amenity=pharmacy 269 267 262 amenity=police 221 0 0 amenity=post_box 141 0 0 amenity=post_depot 10 7 0 amenity=post_office 141 0 0 amenity=prep_school 10 10 10 amenity=pub 35 24 24 amenity=public_bookcase 1 1 1 amenity=recycling 16 16 14 amenity=restaurant 364 357 349 amenity=school 10 6 5 amenity=social_centre 9 9 1 amenity=social_facility 21 17 16 amenity=university 3 3 3 amenity=vehicle_inspection 18 18 18 amenity=vending_machine 73 73 67 amenity=veterinary 6 6 4 craft=bakery 1 1 1 craft=carpenter 1 1 1 craft=cleaning 3 3 3 craft=electronics_repair 6 6 6 craft=plumber 4 4 4 craft=signmaker 2 2 2 craft=window_construction 1 1 1 emergency=ambulance_station 57 0 0 emergency=lifeboat_station 9 0 0 emergency=phone 72 0 0 healthcare=audiologist 1 1 1 healthcare=blood_donation 7 7 7 healthcare=counselling 2 2 2 healthcare=laboratory 37 37 35 healthcare=optometrist 2 2 2 healthcare=pharmacy 1 1 1 healthcare=physiotherapist 1 1 1 healthcare=sample_collection 4 4 4 highway=bus_stop 1654 0 0 landuse=residential 1 1 1 leisure=adult_gaming_centre 6 6 6 leisure=amusement_arcade 5 5 5 leisure=bowling_alley 5 5 5 leisure=dog_park 1 1 0 leisure=escape_game 1 1 1 leisure=fitness_centre 62 62 61 leisure=indoor_play 3 3 3 leisure=playground 2 2 1 leisure=sports_centre 9 8 7 leisure=trampoline_park 1 1 1 man_made=flagpole 360 0 0 office=bail_bond_agent 1 1 1 office=consulting 6 6 6 office=coworking 9 9 9 office=employment_agency 15 15 15 office=energy_supplier 8 8 8 office=estate_agent 81 81 80 office=financial 5 5 4 office=financial_advisor 4 4 4 office=insurance 110 110 108 office=moving_company 2 2 2 office=security 1 1 1 office=tax_advisor 5 5 5 office=telecommunication 15 15 15 power=generator 617 0 0 power=line 521 0 0 power=minor_line 523 0 0 power=plant 146 0 0 power=substation 807 0 0 power=transformer 807 0 0 route=aerialway 1 0 0 route=bus 1654 0 0 route=ferry 34 1 0 route=light_rail 27 0 0 route=power 71 0 0 route=subway 91 0 0 route=train 203 0 0 route=tram 88 0 0 route=trolleybus 53 0 0 route=walking_bus 1 0 0 shop=agrarian 5 5 3 shop=alcohol 57 57 56 shop=anime 6 6 6 shop=art 2 2 2 shop=baby_goods 13 13 13 shop=bag 10 10 10 shop=bakery 149 148 146 shop=beauty 27 27 25 shop=bed 21 21 20 shop=beverages 19 19 19 shop=bicycle 15 15 15 shop=boat 1 1 1 shop=bookmaker 16 16 16 shop=books 87 87 85 shop=butcher 13 13 12 shop=camera 3 3 3 shop=candles 1 1 1 shop=car 70 70 70 shop=car_parts 31 30 30 shop=car_repair 87 87 86 shop=carpet 3 3 3 shop=catalogue 1 1 1 shop=charity 38 38 36 shop=chemist 40 40 40 shop=chocolate 12 12 12 shop=clothes 597 595 589 shop=coffee 3 3 3 shop=computer 12 12 12 shop=confectionery 30 30 27 shop=convenience 361 359 348 shop=copyshop 8 8 8 shop=cosmetics 38 38 38 shop=country_store 15 15 15 shop=craft 8 8 8 shop=curtain 1 1 1 shop=dairy 3 3 2 shop=deli 8 8 8 shop=department_store 93 91 88 shop=doityourself 85 84 81 shop=doors 2 2 2 shop=dry_cleaning 14 14 14 shop=e-cigarette 9 9 9 shop=electrical 4 4 4 shop=electronics 98 97 96 shop=erotic 5 5 5 shop=fabric 5 5 5 shop=fashion_accessories 11 11 10 shop=fishing 2 2 2 shop=flooring 2 2 2 shop=florist 9 9 9 shop=frame 1 1 1 shop=frozen_food 6 6 6 shop=funeral_directors 11 11 11 shop=furniture 107 104 103 shop=games 1 1 1 shop=garden_centre 20 18 16 shop=gas 3 3 3 shop=general 1 0 0 shop=gift 20 20 19 shop=greengrocer 4 4 4 shop=hairdresser 56 56 54 shop=hairdresser_supply 5 5 5 shop=hardware 20 19 19 shop=health_food 6 6 6 shop=hearing_aids 14 14 13 shop=herbalist 1 1 1 shop=hifi 6 6 6 shop=household_linen 4 4 4 shop=houseware 41 41 41 shop=interior_decoration 14 14 14 shop=jewelry 70 70 70 shop=kiosk 13 13 13 shop=kitchen 17 17 17 shop=laundry 5 5 5 shop=leather 4 4 4 shop=locksmith 3 3 3 shop=lottery 10 10 10 shop=mall 9 9 9 shop=massage 6 6 6 shop=medical_supply 5 5 4 shop=mobile_phone 95 93 88 shop=money_lender 19 18 18 shop=motorcycle 14 10 10 shop=motorcycle_repair 3 3 3 shop=music 5 5 5 shop=musical_instrument 4 4 4 shop=newsagent 24 24 23 shop=nutrition_supplements 5 5 5 shop=optician 70 70 68 shop=outdoor 27 27 26 shop=outpost 2 2 2 shop=paint 9 8 8 shop=party 1 1 1 shop=pastry 7 7 7 shop=pawnbroker 19 19 18 shop=perfumery 16 16 16 shop=pet 42 42 42 shop=photo 9 9 9 shop=pottery 1 1 1 shop=printer_ink 1 1 1 shop=pyrotechnics 1 1 1 shop=rental 5 5 5 shop=repair 2 2 2 shop=seafood 2 2 2 shop=second_hand 9 8 8 shop=shoes 145 145 142 shop=spices 1 1 1 shop=sports 52 52 52 shop=stationery 18 18 17 shop=storage_rental 14 14 13 shop=supermarket 676 671 649 shop=swimming_pool 1 1 1 shop=tailor 1 1 1 shop=tea 6 6 6 shop=telecommunication 23 23 20 shop=ticket 6 6 6 shop=tiles 3 3 3 shop=tobacco 4 4 4 shop=tool_hire 5 5 5 shop=toys 34 34 33 shop=trade 20 15 14 shop=travel_agency 36 36 36 shop=tyres 29 29 27 shop=vacuum_cleaner 2 2 2 shop=variety_store 63 63 62 shop=video 4 4 3 shop=video_games 7 7 7 shop=watches 8 8 8 shop=wholesale 10 10 9 shop=wine 2 2 2 tourism=caravan_site 7 7 2 tourism=hotel 127 125 118 tourism=motel 8 8 8         TOTALS 18568 8853 8594

While there are a couple of weird entries, landuse=residential?, that warrant closer inspection, most seem to be inline with with current tagging practice. The exceptions would seem to be the already mentioned ATMs and vending machines, and then for example payment terminals, charging stations, bicycle parking and so on, that commonly shouldn’t have names. Note that the total is one less than the current number of entries in the NSI for reasons that could justify their own post.

But my take on this might just be too strongly influenced by my mainly Western European cultural background and I would be interested in hearing thoughts from all on this matter.

PS: Vespucci 16 programmatically removes some of the name tags before use, but obviously it would be better to have the source data reflect actual best practice.

Download server issue breaks some countries in Africa and Asia

dim 5 sep 2021 - 12:33

In the past night, a problem on the download server caused us to publish truncated data extracts for the following countries:

In Africa:

  • Benin
  • Cameroon
  • Chad
  • Comores
  • Kenya
  • Mali
  • Mauritius
  • Namibia
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Saint Helena/Ascension/Tristan da Cunha
  • Sao Tome and Principe
  • Senegal
  • Seychelles
  • Swaziland
  • Togo
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

In Asia:

  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Malaysia
  • Maldives
  • Nepal
  • North Korea
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Sri Lanka
  • Syria
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam

The extracts have been reset to yesterday’s version but if you have downloaded an extract between 2021-09-05 01:00 UTC and 2021-09-05 10:00 UTC then you have got a truncated file. Also, if you have an automatic process that loads daily updates, and you have loaded and processed an update for any of these countries in that timespan, you now have a truncated database and need to re-import data. (This will not automatically fix itself with the next update.)

If you have not loaded updates during this timespan, or if you have loaded updates but not for the countries mentioned, then you are not affected. (You are also not affected if you have used the full Africa or Asia files, these were correct.)