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GPS Business News is an online media providing business insights on mass market geo-location applications worldwide. It covers the entire value chain of this market: hardware, software and content for handsets, consumer electronics and cars.
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Garmin Vivomove: Analog Watch with Fitness Tracker

jeu 5 mai 2016 - 18:17
Garmin yesterday announced a new fitness tracker called Vivomove which comes as a waterproof analog watch with one year battery life.

This new watch offers the same concept as the Withings Activité, a nice looking analog watch with fitness tracking inside.

The Vivomove face features two bars that allow users t...

Garmin Revenue up 7% to $624M in Q1 2016

jeu 5 mai 2016 - 17:38
Garmin published last week their financial results for the first quarter of 2016 with a total revenue of $624 million, growing 7% over the prior year, with outdoor, fitness, aviation and marine collectively growing 17% over the year ago quarter and contributing 69% of total revenue.

Gross and operating margins wer...

Wistiki Bluetooth Tracker CEO: “We Raised €1M in Crowdfunding“

mar 3 mai 2016 - 21:14
France-based Wistiki, a startup manufacturing Bluetooth trackers, has launched today their latest product called Wistiki by Starck.

As the name implies the small tracker has been designed by famous French designer Philippe Starck. The premium Bluetooth tracker (€49.90) is made of satin-finish steel with...

Estimote “Beaconizes“ EXPO 2016 with 5,000 Beacons

mar 3 mai 2016 - 16:06
EXPO World Fair has just launched in the Turkish city of Antalya with over 8 million people expected to visit until October. For the first time ever The World Fair is also using microlocation technology based on Bluetooth beacons.

The EXPO 2016 app offers step-by-step navigation through 1.2 million sq meters of venues and comes wit...

High Mobility: Connecting Cars with Consumer Devices (Podcast)

mar 3 mai 2016 - 7:50
GPS Business News recently met with Risto Vahtra, CEO at High Mobility, a Berlin-based startup company which motto is to connect cars with consumer electronics, be it a smartphone, a smartwatch or more.

The company is building a platform interfacing these two worlds and making it easy and secure for ca...

European GNSS Agency & InLocation Alliance Sponsor Geo IoT World Awards

lun 2 mai 2016 - 17:30
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) and the InLocation Alliance have joined the Geo IoT World Awards as sponsors.

The awards ceremony will take place on May 25, 2016 at Geo IoT World in Brussels in front of an audience of more than 200 LB...

BlooLoc, Eliko, HERE,, Nextome & SenionLab Join Indoor Location Testbed

jeu 28 avr 2016 - 23:26
BlooLoc, Eliko, HERE,, Nextome and SenionLab are the first companies registered to the Indoor Location Testbed to be held during Geo IoT World on May 25-26, 2016 in Brussels.

The Geo IoT World Indoor Location Testbed is a unique, real life test of commercial indoor location positioning technologies.

For the first time multipl...

JLR Gets Tile Bluetooth Tracker App into Infotainment System

jeu 28 avr 2016 - 23:21
Jaguar Land Rover announced that the new Land Rover Discovery Sport will integrate the Bluetooth tracker app Tile into its dashboard.

Once the app is initiated using the central touchscreen, customers are alerted if specified items tracked with Tile devices (keys, bags, etc.) are not inside the vehicle and are even able to get on-scree...

IMS Provides Mobile UBI Tech to Allianz Germany

mer 27 avr 2016 - 17:04
Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS), a Canadian connected car and usage based insurance (UBI) provider, has been selected by Allianz Deutschland, one of Germany's leading auto insurers, for their mobile UBI offering, BonusDrive.

Allianz BonusDrive is based on an application connected to a 12 volt Bluetooth car adapter for precise vehicl...

Zero Zero Robotics Raised $25M for Self-flying Camera

mer 27 avr 2016 - 10:35
Chinese startup Zero Zero Robotics today announced it has raised $25 Million in total funding - including a $23 Million Series A round - to build consumer-friendly flying smart robotics.

The funding was participated in by venture capital firms IDG, GSR Ventures, ZhenFund and ZUIG, among others.

Zero Zero Robotic...

Telogis Selects HERE Real-Time Traffic

mer 27 avr 2016 - 8:59
The latest releases of Telogis Navigation and Telogis Route software will include HERE Real Time Traffic and Traffic Patterns with historical data and real-time estimated time of arrival (ETA) updates.

Real-time traffic gives a comprehensive picture of current road conditions that will affec...

NavAds Hires COO Johan Van Vulpen, Partners with Advice Local

mar 26 avr 2016 - 7:55
Amsterdam-based NavAds, a global provider of business POI data to navigation and local search companies, has hired Johan Van Vulpen as the company's new chief operating officer. Van Vulpen will further develop and structure NavAds' rapidly growing operation.

Van Vulpen is former CEO and co-founder of Greetz, a...

SkyTraq Introduces 3D Dead Reckoning GNSS Receiver

lun 25 avr 2016 - 14:48
Taiwanese fabless GNSS maker SkyTraq has introduced a new GNSS receiver (S1722DR8) with 3D dead reckoning that integrates 3-axis gyroscope/accelerometer and barometric pressure sensor.

“Using wheel/speed data from vehicle to perform sensor-fused solution, S1722DR8 achieves 100% coverage,“ said SkyTraq.


Podcast with NextNav, the Terrestrial GPS that Works Indoor

jeu 21 avr 2016 - 21:29
GPS Business News interviewed with Christian Gates, vice president business development and strategy at NextNav, a U.S. provider of a terrestrial network for outdoor and indoor location.

NextNav provides a signal that is read by GPS receivers with modified firmware. NextNav was founded in 2007 and is now nearin...

Bluvision Ranked Top BLE Beacon Vendor by ABI Research

mer 20 avr 2016 - 17:33
ABI Research, has ranked Florida-based Bluvision as the leader among 24 BLE beacon vendors considered in its latest competitive analysis.

“Bluvision’s strong market share, technology innovation, and willingness to aggressively move into new emerging markets places it in a very strong position for the future,“ th...

Google Takes Over Beacon Industry Adding Security to Eddystone

mer 20 avr 2016 - 15:52
iBeacon was initially introduced by Apple in September 2013. The technology uses low cost (starts at $5) and low power Bluetooth Smart devices that broadcast data to smartphones to trigger actions in a mobile application.

The system was initially used for retail but has evolved into much more than that (entertainment, transport, etc.), to th...

TomTom Revenue up 6% in 1Q 2016

mar 19 avr 2016 - 19:39
GPS maker TomTom announced today €217.2 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2016, up 6 percent.

The net result for the quarter was €4.8 million, which translates to adjusted earnings per shareof €0.03.

TomTom maintained their full year financial outlook with revenue expected of around €1,050 million an...

Magellan, Polar & Mapillary Join GoPro Developer Program

lun 18 avr 2016 - 18:19
Last week in San Francisco GoPro unveiled their developer program that already features more than 100 partners.

Among these are Mapillary, Polar and Magellan that have associated their geo-location apps and GPS devices with the well-known action camera brand.

Mapillary, a community-base...

PSA Used TomTom Maps in Amsterdam Driverless Car Demo

lun 18 avr 2016 - 17:23
Last week French car maker PSA demonstrated their driverless know-how in “driving“ a couple of cars from Paris to Amsterdam.

The two Citroën C4 Picasso cars left Vélizy, France in "eyes off" mode, i.e., without driver supervision, and covered several hundred kilometres between Paris and Amsterdam on authorise...

U.S. Home Furnishing Trade Show Gets Indoor Loc with

jeu 14 avr 2016 - 21:44
High Point Market, the world's largest home furnishings trade show (75,000 Attendees), debuts a dynamic mobile wayfinding app at its five-day spring event, beginning Apr. 16.

Utilizing GPS and beacon technology, the app provides building to building blue dot navigation throughout the entire 13-block Market area, plus indoor guidance within th...