URGENCE aux Philippines : libérez les images satellite !

URGENT : Call to all satellite imagery providers

L'attention des médias retombe sur les Philippines, mais la crise humanitaire qui s'y déroule est loin d'être terminée.

La couverture média autour du mapping de crise fait par les contributeurs OpenStreetMap masque un gros problème d'accès aux images satellite de qualité (avant et après le passage du typhon). En effet, nous n'avons actuellement accès soit qu'à des sources de qualité très insuffisantes sur de nombreuses zones touchées par le typhon, soit à des images à accès limité dans le temps or la reconstruction prendra des années.

Nous relayons donc un appel fait par les ONG pour que les fournisseurs d'images satellite nous donne accès au plus vite à ces informations vitales pour les population locales

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URGENT : Call to all satellite imagery providers

As you all know, the super-typhoon Haiyan is one of the worst ever registered. The damages are considerable, hospitals destroyed, population dispersed in many islands, and the relief teams on the field are struggling to get help to the more than 10 million people affected.

Many digital volunteering efforts are ongoing to help the relief effort. OpenStreetMap (OSM) contributors massively edited this past weeks: more than 1100 contributors from 82 countries have updated the map for the Philippines, and more than 2 000 000 objects were edited. Many in-person mapathons took place or are planned, in Kathmandu, Kampala, London, Zagreb, Tokyo, Heidelberg, Valencia, Seville, Washington DC, Seattle, Paris...

For the first time, OSM is closely partnering with the Red Cross movement. OSM data is also on the UNOCHA COD for the Philippines.

Many other relief projects would benefit from a public license on recently acquired satellite imagery, that would, for example, make it possible to print this imagery on paper and see while in the field how to best adapt to unexpected obstacles on the roads, to finally manage to reach some isolated settlements that still haven't received any aid or food almost two weeks after the disaster...

The different organizations and volunteer networks urgently need the best existing imagery to support this work. Opening access to imagery would be incredibly useful to improve the support to the many organizations helping now on the field.

The community of humanitarian organizations, local communities and global volunteers therefore ask all satellite imagery providers to let them use the satellite images of the Philippines acquired in relation to this disaster under a public license, and to let them use pre-disaster imagery of the Philippines for tracing in OSM.

We are most grateful if you can help us make this possible.

Signatory organizations:

  • OpenStreetMap Philippines
  • CartONG