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Confession - il y a 13 heures 50 min

I must confess that in years of collaborating with more or less large projects, the worst community I have participated in is OpenStreetMap. There is no collaboration, the concept exists: this area is MY area so either you map as I say or rather you don’t map at all. So there are heterogeneous areas, some places with toponymy in dialectal form, others in Italian (I’m talking about Italy). For a moment I wanted to change all the toponymy of My 😅 area in dialect. But what’s the use? So I just make some changesets that I assume correct, if some other cartographer with a lot of degree tells me I was wrong, I revert. Simple, isn’t it? I only wish that if one criticizes me (even with rudeness) at least he would come down from the pedestal and tell me: you are wrong, these are the solutions. Instead it is not so. If I’m wrong tell me how to correct, saying it’s wrong is a non-constructive criticism. 🤔

Initial Mapper Experience - lun 26 oct 2020 - 20:08

I would like to share my experiences as a new mapper to OSM. I started mapping in August this year. I found the idea of providing open data to the community appealing. I would like to talk about my initial 2-3 months of mapping.

I have focussed on mapping the village near me called Ravenshead. A comparison image shows what it looked like from 2012. Between then and August 2020 very little changed. On the right shows the recent appearance, complete with addresses on houses. Overall I found the process to be slow but relaxing and satisfying. I would eventually like to speed up the process by looking at training a machine learning model to estimate roof locations, similar to Facebook, as a JOSM plugin, but trained on UK-style houses.

One of the things I had to wrap my head around was the lack of features on the main OSM map. Having used things like Google Maps I expected to be able to explore the OSM database through an intuitive map interface. I understand from a pragmatic point of view why the OSM map is not this way, but I feel it detracts from interest in the map. When showing a section of the map to someone not familiar with OSM I will tend to show them the layout in one website, and specific features in another. The best map I’ve found for interacting with is Map Carta which makes use of wikidata and wikipedia links to inform on objects on the map. I would like to see the main website’s map use a better user interface with the ability to select objects of interest to find out more information.

A big issue with inexperience I found was a lack of direction for rigorous process. Many times for tasks I found diverging advice. On one hand the freedom to map any way allows for fitting in different countries and cultures. On the other it makes it difficult to know how to handle tasks. One example is terrace houses (in England), the wiki article on terraces provides 3 alternative approaches to mapping a terrace. As a new mapper I feel I do not have the experience to make an informed decision on which approach to take. However, many places I want to map contain terraces. Therefor should I avoid mapping terraces, or risk incorrectly mapping them? I would like to see a streamlined approach to common tasks layed out so I and others with little experience can act without worrying that our mapping is in some way destructive or inferior to other methods.

Regarding mapping tools, aside from JOSM for editing, I have found StreetComplete to be a great tool for mapping. It finds a great balance between being intuitive and powerful. It has been great to help add purpose to my pandemic-based walks. For any new mappers I would highly recommend a recent diary post by IpswichMapper on the process for generally mapping buildings.

With regards to the community I feel as though some avenues are stale and create a sense of abandonment. The front page of the wiki was a great example of this. Until recently the last news was over 12 months ago. Some wiki article discussions have also been left alone for many years with a sense that some topics should be archived or marked as solved. This results in a sense that not many people are involved in community, and without obvious avenues for communication this can be the only impression available.

I am excited about continuing mapping. However, there is doubt in my mind on the longevity of the project brought about by a lack of addressing what I consider quite key issues (or at least lack of visibility of addressing these issues).

Jack's 24K Trail Run - lun 26 oct 2020 - 16:51

Well, that was an experience.

Yesterday I “ran” a 24K trail race. While I ended up walking a bunch of it, it did “finish” the race.

I came in last. If you’re interested, here’s the link to the actual run:

However, I did make a few changes to the map based upon my run. Not a lot, but there were parts of the beginning of the run which were also visible on the photography that I marked. I also made a few other changes based on the run, so the map was updated.

A lot of the run was on unmapped mountain bicycle trails. They weren’t visible on the photograph, so I wasn’t comfortable putting them on the map. However, I did add the GPS trace to the database so if someone gets gung ho they can see what they can add. Enjoy.

My watch says I can’t run until Thursday morning, so I’m taking a bit of me time.

Sustainable Travel Expenses Resolution – Request for Support - lun 26 oct 2020 - 11:12

As written on the OSMF-Talk mailing list, I am proposing a resolution for the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the OSM Foundation on 12 December 2020. In order to get the proposal up for voting, I need support by at least 5 % of all members, i.e. about 80 members.

You can find the text and rationale in the OSMF-Talk archives.

If you want to support this proposal, please comment this diary entry with the account which is tied to your Foundation membership. If your membership record does not contain your username (or you are not sure), please send an email to with your user name. Please use the email you use for your Foundation membership.

I will email the list of all supporters to the board after 4 November 2020 (UTC).

Supporting the proposal in this step does not mean that you will or have to vote in favour of it.

I would like to ask you to use the comment section of this diary entry only for the purpose outline above. Please use the OSMF-Talk mailing list to comment on the content of proposal instead.

StreetComplete Discovery - lun 26 oct 2020 - 0:15

This is a fright that turned to fun.

In my morning walk today I travelled along Shanowen Grove, and I took StreetComplete with me, adding building levels, addresses, building types and so on. On the last section of road I discovered one of the buildings to appear on StreetComplete as a tower.

Posting in the #osmIRL Telegram group I shared the screenshot. Dónal came to my rescue It turns out the building was specified to have 21 levels. Looking at the object history on JOSM later it turns out the levels were set by Tshedy see here. However, knowing Tshedy’s level of accuracy and the likelihood that “21” is a typo that was intended to be a “2”. This is very much in keeping with a similar “small”(but big) error in Melbourne.

StreetComplete is a great tool, especially where the basic building objects have been mapped, in a slow stroll along a street one can add serious detail, and the better the initial mapping the easier it is to see which objects require further details.

JOSM Plugin receives DINAcon 2020 Award! - dim 25 oct 2020 - 19:49
(Source: 2020)

Last Friday, October 23, 2020, DINacon 2020 took place – unfortunately only virtually like all conferences during this time. DINAcon stands for “Digital Sustainability Conference” and is under the patronage of the CH Open association. At this event future-oriented projects and approaches from the Open Source and Open Data Communities, from public administration and the economy are presented, discussed and awarded.

The program also included a session on the “Public OSM Partnership” (POP Study) by Stefan Keller.

And again the DINAcon Awards were presented. The shortlist included the “Defikarte der Schweiz” ( in the category “Community Award” and a JOSM Plugin in the category “Best Newcomer Award”.

Trailer – DINAcon 2020 Best Newcomer Project – Shortlist. (Quelle: 2020) And the winner is…

Finally the JOSM Plugin won in the category “Best Newcomer”! This category honors “Open Source projects that are not older than three years and offer exciting new approaches”.

The JOSM Plugin NeTEx Converter

The JOSM plugin “NeTEx Converter”, is a project for the JOSM editor, which brings and exports information about public transport – i.e. the infrastructure of stations – from OSM into this standardized XML structure. The NeTEx/XML file can then be further processed in various applications. Main developer is the student, Labian Gashi, at the HSR Rapperswil (now OST Campus Rapperswil) in the master program Computer Science. The work was supervised by Stefan Keller and specialists from the SBB.

It’s nice that another OpenStreetMap technology was awarded by this Open Source/Open Data conference. Already in 2019 the project OpenSchoolMaps won the trophy in the category “Best Open Education Project” (we reported here on


Карты глубин и рельефа дна с личных эхалотов для внесения в OSM присоединяйтесь. - dim 25 oct 2020 - 14:44

В этой группе предполагается сбор данных, с личных эхолотов и карт плоттерров, для составления карт глубин и рельефа дна с них или печатных карт, предлагаю собрать информацию в одном месте. Для свободного и открытого использования и составления электронной карты, на тех же принципах открытого и свободного использования. делитесь своими данными прямо в группе, чуть позже сделаю ресурс на гитхабе. Все данные планируется вносить в проект OSM. Также планируется внести все названия речных объектов, как нынешние так и исторические.

Так же ищу данатов и спонсоров на покупку эхолота и прочего геодезического оборудования для создания карт по Тамбовской области, активно участвую и составляю карты в проеrте OSM. За репост отдельное всем спасибо!

weeklyOSM 535 - dim 25 oct 2020 - 10:57


opening_hours evaluation tool 1 |

  • Robert Delmenico suggested, on the tagging mailing list, replacing man_made=* with human_made=*. Many doubted the value of the proposal. Such suggestions are repeated every few years (February 2012, March 2017).
  • Following a report > by n-tv, which reveals the unexpectedly high number of trees in the Sahara and Sahel, there was a discussion > about what forest density and size is actually needed to match the established tagging for forest and woodland in OSM.
  • Mueschel’s proposal for the new tags electric_bicycle and speed_pedelec has been approved.
  • User bkil proposed the tag audible=* for ‘objects generating audible cues’. Voting is underway until the end of October.
  • Robhubi published a blog post > about the distinction between pavements and footpaths in Austria. The differentiation has an impact on the vehicles permitted to use them.
  • Jean-Marc Liotier published an article ‘Measuring data quality or why are we even Openstreetmapping anyway’ in which he doesn’t define any quality metrics but reframes the problem instead.
  • LCCWG, the ‘Local Chapters and Communities Working Group’, invites you to join the working group.
  • The Mapillary team is seeking editors using JOSM to interview about their workflows, whether or not they include use of the Mapillary plugin for JOSM. Interested users should reach out to
  • Want to receive a postcard? Hungry for a connection with a fellow OSMer? Try OSMCards: a service to send or request postcards from many OSM contributors all over the world. See the talk recording from the SotM 2020 to see why it was made and how it works.
  • Steve Coast is upset that he was denied a Foundation ‘free membership’. Active Contributor Memberships were introduced by the Foundation to encourage more active community members to join the OSMF. People can demonstrate their active contribution by having mapped on 42 or more days, or explaining how else they have contributed to OpenStreetMap, over the past year.
  • Ben Discoe updated his TIGER node/way burndown chart and concludes that, if progress continues at the same rate, in about 29 years each imported TIGER node will have been touched and the community will need more than 9 years ‘before each path is hopefully aligned and cleaned up’.
Local chapter news
  • Anita Graser was honoured with the 2020 Sol Katz Award, presented on 10 September 2020, during the virtual OSGeo Annual General Meeting. She is best known for being involved in QGIS, which is one of the most successful OSGeo projects. Read more about Anita Graser in her blog.
  • OSM RDC’s application for membership as a local chapter of OSM in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is online.
  • Thierry Hancart is Mapper of the Month of the Belgian local chapter.
  • The OpenStreetMap conference US Connect 2020 will take place online next weekend. The programme has been announced: three days of talks, workshops, birds of a feather sessions, mapathons, and opportunities to connect with fellow OpenStreetMap enthusiasts!
  • Geoweek and Weekend 2020 > will be held as a pre-event for mapping and hacking to make SotM Japan 2020 > and FOSS4G 2020 Japan Online > even more exciting. Registration is here .
  • The OSGeo Day videos of AGIT 2020 are now available online > .
Humanitarian OSM
  • The UN Mappers (‘Mapping the #world and serving humanity’) have set up a task on HOT’s Tasking Manager to map roads, waterways, and villages in Somalia.
  • Students of EuYoutH_OSM met online for a joint mapping exercise using the Task Manager of FrancophoneLibre.
  • Russ Deffner has called on the OSM community to take action against COVID-19, by contributing to one of HOT’s projects either on their Tasking Manager or Mapswipe.
  • Five OSM communities, spread across the Philippines, Turkey, Uganda, Kenya, and Zambia, have received Facebook Community Impact Microgrants to support community engagement and training.
  • Long-time contributor Russ Deffner celebrates his 10-year anniversary with a diary entry where he summarises the past year and shares his aspirations for the next one.
  • CartONG has announced it has opened registration for the 2020 GeOnG Forum. The forum will be focused on how information management technology and practices can truly be human-centred, integrating the (different) rights of people and communities in their full diversity.
  • The Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Costa Rica has published, over an OSM base map, a map of the National Road Network with roads classified as primary, secondary, tertiary, or cross streets.
  • The CGN Spotter Guide makes > plane spotting much easier around Cologne Airport (CGN) and some other places.
  • Still a fan of the Potlatch 2 aesthetic? JOSM includes a conversion of the map style. Guillaume Rischard has vectorised it. The modernised version can be included in the Map Paint Styles preferences.
  • The new openrouteservice map client (VueJS) development is in the final phase and now has a feature that allows routes, isochrones, and other features from openrouteservice (ORS) to be integrated into other websites (with the embedding code available via a share button). This allows webmasters and editors to embed those geographic features easily into their websites using the new ORS client.
Did you know …
  • [1] … there is a tool to check your opening_hours tagging?
Other “geo” things
  • Wikimedia CH is currently running a four-language writing competition for articles on Swiss castles and palaces. The purely virtual event runs until the end of November. Every Monday an online meeting is held from 7 to 8 PM, as an informal BigBlueButton session, in which everyone speaks their native language or English.
  • Germany introduced > their Experimental Space Surveillance and Tracking Radar (Gestra), designed to track space debris. It consists of two units, each the size of a shipping container. Entry into service is planned for the beginning of 2021.
  • Apple announced version 1.0.0 of their ‘Indoor Mapping Data Format’. As a commentator said ‘YAPF: Yet Another Proprietary Format’.
  • The Sounds of the Forest collected sounds from forests and woodlands across the world. Supported by the PRS Foundation’s Open Fund for Organisations, music will be created from the collected data and premiered at next year’s Timber Festival on 2 to 4 July 2021.
Upcoming Events Where What When Country Cobb Virtual Academy Wikidata+OSM: Its use cases 2020-10-25 Rennes Atelier découverte OSM / Wikipédia / Wikidata [1] 2020-10-25 Bremen Bremer Stammtisch 2020-10-26 Arlon (cancelled – annulé) Réunion des contributeurs OpenStreetMap 2020-10-26 Salt Lake City / Virtual OpenStreetMap Utah Map Night 2020-10-27 Düsseldorf Düsseldorfer OSM-Stammtisch 2020-10-28 Salt Lake City / Virtual OpenStreetMap Utah Map Night 2020-10-29 London Missing Maps London Mapathon 2020-11-03 Stuttgart Stuttgarter Stammtisch (online) 2020-11-04 Dresden Dresdner OSM-Stammtisch 2020-11-05 Online State of the Map Japan 2020 Online 2020-11-07 Taipei OSM x Wikidata #22 2020-11-09 Salt Lake City / Virtual OpenStreetMap Utah Map Night 2020-11-10 Munich Münchner Stammtisch 2020-11-11 Zurich 123. OSM Meetup Zurich 2020-11-11 Berlin 149. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch (Online) 2020-11-12 Online 2020 Pista ng Mapa 2020-11-13-2020-11-27 Online FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2020 2020-11-20

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Upcoming OMSF board elections - dim 25 oct 2020 - 9:40

Dear colleagues,

OpenStreetMap Foundation is holding board elections soon. You would need to be a member to run. (That deadline has long passed).

Are you thinking of running? Why and why not? Please do you homework - talk with current or past board members. Let’s talk. Feel free to post a response here or reach out directly heatherleson AT gmail DOT com.

The OSMF Board has done great work this year. It is a relief to see such teamwork from the outside. I say this because it is something that is needed to support OSM.

For a global project, we continue to have a diversity and inclusion barrier in governance. I would like to encourage women and people from other regions to run for the OSMF Board.

And when the election nominations and voting begin - please consider what a true global board could be as part of your decision-making.

Thank you for all your passion for this project.

Baustellenkarte für Feuerwehren - sam 24 oct 2020 - 21:40

Auf Basis von umap und osm habe ich speziell für Feuerwehren folgende Karte zur Übersicht über Baustellen erstellt. Die Karte ist nicht nur auf eine Region beschränkt, sondern kann regionenübergreifend eingesetzt/abgerufen werden.

Lista kontrolna (checklista) obiektów użyteczności publicznej na OSM - wersja 2 - sam 24 oct 2020 - 21:29

Chodziło to za mną już długo, aż wreszcie chwilę czasu znalazłem, by dopieścić coś, co już przed miesiącami wypuściłem - ku pomocy i wsparciu mapujących na OSM - w niniejszym Dzienniku: “Checklistę obiektów użyteczności publicznej na OSM” - w niniejszej 2 wersji pod nazwą “Listy kontrolnej”. Wygląda to obecnie tak:

oraz jest jednostronicowe i bardziej zwarte, jak również uzupełnione o kilka instytucji, które mogą być przydatne dla konsumenta mapy.

Nowa wersja do pobrania stąd. Komentarze i uwagi mile widziane.

4 Reasons to Invest In Custom Embroidered Hats for Business Growth - sam 24 oct 2020 - 20:49

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  1. Best for Team Sprit In order to increase the performance or revitalize of your group, you might mean to give out numerous of your excellent logo designs stitched hats to the employees that complete their appointed purposes. This little incentive deal or benefit can really motivate your employees to work tougher as this supplies an opportunity to be viewed as well as made up for the effort they put in day in day out. Not simply can you supply your business logo layout stitched hats to your employees, yet you can likewise give them away to your customers. When they are used customized hats natural leather patch, people like to reciprocate gift-giving. They additionally sense of gratefulness towards your company or brand name. They discover your customized hats valuable in their day-to-days live. When other individuals see your employees putting on a customized logo layout stitched polo tee t shirt, they are affected by the bandwagon result to rely upon the brand when they do experience your solutions or products.
  2. Advertise Your Brand By choosing personalized logo design stitched hats you can create opportunities for your employees as well as additionally consumers to market your trademark name or solution. Placing on customized stitched hats can open a conversation regarding the company with any kind of specific that they please. Whether they are waiting in line at the grocery store or the banks, individuals will definitely see your company logo style along with see it. This, certainly, is why it is necessary to buy excellent individualized logo style sewed hats that someone can in fact use. If you disperse top quality customized hats, people will definitely not just happily take them, they’ll be utilizing them. Whenever they head out utilizing your tailored hats they’ll be advertising you along with your solution. , if you walked right into a shop and likewise saw a tried-and-trusted brand name you will notice it immediately. .
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Esportare tracciati (e reimportarli) in umap - sam 24 oct 2020 - 18:43

 Preparare una mappa umap "d'appoggio" in cui lo sfondo è una mappa (*) sulla quale tirare delle linee o poligoni come tracciati che poi verrano esportati in un formato re-importabile in un'altra umap.


(*) metodo illustrato qui

una volta tracciata la linea ( anche più di una linea in realtà), andare sull'unico layer (dove risiede quindi la linea) e scegliere Azioni Avanzate -> Scarica

si aprirà un'altra pagina web con il codice geojson:

per controllarlo, importarlo in

salvarlo come geojson e importarlo nella umap desiderata cliccando sulla icona "freccia verso l'alto", formato geojson, scegli file


Proposed resolution allowing time to make informed decisions - sam 24 oct 2020 - 13:57

Last year I pushed a resolution to change the membership fees of OSM UK at very short notice. The OSM UK members rightly (albeit much to my frustration at the time) rejected this resolution at the OSM UK general meeting. The following year, we started discussing fees much earlier and the members subsequently accepted a resolution this time around.

This week, posts to osmf-talk indicate that the OSMF board is considering a number of resolutions for their general meeting. These resolutions are much more complicated than a simple change in membership fee as they relate to changes to the Articles of Association to help prevent “evil takeover”. You would therefore expect significantly more upfront discussion. Changes to the Articles of Association shouldn’t be taken lightly as they can have weird, unforeseen consequences so you would also expect legal advise to be sought well in advance and some sort of summary of this to be presented to the members. This should occur in advance of a final decision as to what should go onto into the general meeting notice for voting.

Now I fully support provisions that help protect the OSMF; in fact I have been proposing options to the OSMF for at least 2 years. However I doubt many of us our experts in the field (our intelligence lies mainly in other domains). Are we even sure that an AoA change is the right option? You may get much more protection from other changes such as changing the companies status from the current “Ltd” organisation to something more suited to a non-profit organisation.

Perhaps there is a middle ground involving putting a policy to the vote at an AGM, or something similar. [quote from Andy Allan]

Yes. Here is a proposed Ordinary Resolution which would require just 50% of the vote to pass:

Proposed Resolution: That the board must undertake an assessment of the options that would provide greater protection to OSMF from a hostile takeover. The assessment should include a review of provisions in the Articles of Association and also other options that are available including a change of status. The assessment should consider both the legal implications but also any consequences to the health of the OpenStreetMap community. Professional legal advise should be sought and a summary of the findings must be presented back to the members no later than 30 June 2021.

The board would be bound by this and once the members and the board are fully armed with all the relevant info we can then take the next step. This next step could come from the board or be driven by the members.

Dobre praktyki - garść z doświadczenia - część 1 - sam 24 oct 2020 - 13:18

Odkąd od ponad 2 lat aktywnie mapuję różne zakątki Polski w ramach OpenStreetMap nauczyłem się kilku rzeczy, które z perspektywy czasu uważam za absolutną podstawę do poprawnego i profesjonalnego tworzenia mapy. W tym, i być może kilku następnych, wpisie, podzielę się tą wiedzą, by i inni nie musieli błąkać po omacku, i by ich praca była możliwie najbardziej owocna.

Sprawa edytora mapy: tylko i wyłącznie JOSM. Wbudowany w OSM iD jest fajny do szybkich i prostych edycji. Edytory w aplikacjach mapowych - są super do dodawania POI. Ale do poważnej pracy - tylko JOSM. Czemu? Bo umożliwia dodanie kilku warstw podkładu jednocześnie. A bez tego właśnie nie wyobrażam sobie efektywnej pracy nad mapą.

Sprawa podkładu więc: podstawą dobrego mapowania dla Polski (z racji kalibracji zdjęć i ich względnej aktualności) są zdjęcia z Geoportalu (urzędowych zdjęć dostarczanych przez Główny Urząd Geodezji i Kartografii). I na ich bazie mapuje pewnie większość z uczestników projektu. A to błąd, skutkujący niską często jakością danych otrzymanych w wyniku mapowania. Konieczne - w moim odczuciu i doświadczeniu - jest dodawanie także podkładów: 1. Krajowa Integracja Ewidencji Gruntów - działki 2. Krajowa Integracja Ewidencji Gruntów: Budynki 3. Krajowa Integracja Punktów Adresowych - impa-adresy, emuia-adresy Pompatyczność tych nazw: “krajowa” i “ewidencja” słusznie kieruje nasze intuicje, że są to także dane oficjalne, czyli urzędowe (podobnie jak Geoportal), w związku z czym możemy im - z grubsza - ufać.

I o ile - podaję przykład na wycinku miasta wojewódzkiego Suwałki - nasz początek pracy w JOSM z mapowaniem terenu wygląda tak:

Po dodaniu podkładu Geoportalu:

Ale dodając nasze 4 warstwy, w odpowiednim ich ułożeniu, by się nie zasłaniały nawzajem, mamy taki oto podkład dla naszej pracy:

gdzie mamy teraz zdjęcie lotnicze, a nad nim obrysy budynków, numerację adresową, granice działek - pożyteczne przy poprawnym odrysowywaniu ogrodzeń.

Czy obecna ilość danych na podkładzie nie powoduje, że czujemy się pewniejsi, bo “mądrzejsi” o zasób źródeł?

Słówko o tym, “jak to zrobić”: Otóż podkład w JOSM jest do wybierania (wielokrotnego - czyli klikamy podkłady po kolei przez co dodają się w kolejności…) poprzez programowe menu Podkłady. By uzyskać efekt jak na drugiej grafice trzeba zainteresować się wpisem podkładowym: “Krajowa Integracja Ewidencji Gruntów”, “Geoportal 2: Ortofotomapa (zdjęcia lotnicze) WMTS” oraz “Krajowa Integracja Punktów Adresowych” (a w przypadku jej braku trzeba w ustawieniach podkładów dodać adres URL dla tego podkładu: wms_endpoint:

I to tyle w tym temacie :-) Miłego owocnego kartografowania!!!

Added the Wawa - ven 23 oct 2020 - 19:42

A while ago they put in a WaWa near Daytona Beach City Hall. I just added it. I also moved the Daytona Beach Greyhound Station marker so that it’s obvious that it’s behind the building.

First Diary Entry - ven 23 oct 2020 - 9:29

Hello folks! This is my first diary entry. I’ll be discussing some key issues on OpenStreetMap, as well as some updates I have done.


I did some edits in the Ohio area, including adding some geometry detail and adding some details to the swimming pools located in the area. I also worked on fixing up the H1 Freeway, something I have been working on for a while now.

H1 Freeway

If you look at the H1 Freeway (from the beginning of the Lunililo Freeway), you’ll notice that some of the freeway on/off-ramps are well detailed. This is part of a project of mine to create uniformity and clean up the Hawaii Freeways. I use local knowledge, some YouTube videos and street level imagery to help with adding this information.

Other stuff

While I was mapping, I noticed something I see too often: a great, detailed POI created by a user who only closed 3 changesets. I reached out to him with a question about if he will map some more businesses, but I don’t expect a response soon.

Final thoughts

Well, today’s mapping was pretty much the usual. I’m planning on hopefully working on the freeway tomorrow and possibly more clean up in but that’s pretty much it.

2020 Október 26 17:30: Ortofotó évjárataink, wifis-diktafonos térképezés, partik (online) - jeu 22 oct 2020 - 21:41

Havi rendszeres online találkozóinkon összejönnek a gyakorlott és kezdő OpenStreetMap szerkesztők, felhasználók és érdeklődők. Beszélgetünk térképszerkesztési kérdésekről, az OSM helyzetéről, tervekről. Gyakorlottabb szerkesztőink pedig rövid előadásokkal készülnek az számukra éppen aktuális témákból. Szeretettel várunk minden érdeklődőt!

További információk a wiki oldalon olvashatók:

Kérdéseket Matrixon és a levlistán is fogadunk.

Terjesszétek a hírét: ne feledjétek a szabályt - mindenki hozzon még két embert!

Looked at the mall - jeu 22 oct 2020 - 21:11

Today I had to get new glasses at the local mall. I quickly noticed one or two items that I could fix immediately, but there have been changes to the stores. So I’m going to come back next rainy day and do a better job of updating the information here.

Thai Play Equipment - jeu 22 oct 2020 - 17:00

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